Why a blog?

                                                                                           January 20, 2016

Why a blog?  

Well, to be completely honest at this point it is mostly for me.  I have been having a hard time lately writing things down and processing them as I have in the past.  I think I have gotten to a point where I want to do more than just help myself and yet I still have a lot of work to do for just me.

I find myself wanting to write something in a journal or a notebook to try to ‘get it out’ but then I become very conflicted by the fact that if I wrote it in a more public forum, well maybe it could lead to helping others.  I then think that there is no way that anyone would want to read what I would write, and then I think that is probably just me feeling unworthy, and then I think maybe I am actually being clear headed and accurate, and then…..

Basically, at the end of all of that I realize that in trying nothing I risk nothing.  If I risk nothing I gain nothing.  If I gain nothing then there is no movement from where I am today, and that is simply unacceptable.  I have fought too hard through too many nightmares to be content with where I am now.  Things can change.  Things must change.   Not just for me but for all of us.  If I am to be any part of effecting that change then I must start somewhere.  So I will start here.  I will write.  It may not be good, or lucid, or entertaining or enlightening.  I make no promises other than the promise to try.

We will see where it goes.



Posted 218 weeks ago