The Ironwood community was created to give a safe space for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  To help promote that safe space, community members must follow a few simple rules based on privacy and mutual respect.

Group Session Rules

1.  Participants are required to keep the confidentiality of the group.  Participants are to in no way disclose the identity of other participants to anyone outside of the group.  Participants are also required to keep the location of the sessions confidential.

2.  The host will maintain the confidentiality of the group except in cases where they feel a participant may harm themselves or others.  In that case the host will take steps to ensure all participants safety.

3.  Cell phones are not to be used at any time.  They may be left on vibrate mode for emergency contact needs but the ringer must be silenced and they are to remain untouched for the duration of the meeting.

4.  Punctuality is required due to the private nature of the group.  Doors will be closed at the start of group and late attendees will not be able to enter the group.

5.  Refrain from offering advice to other participants. This is a place to speak about your own experiences, not to tell others what you think they should or should not do.

6.  Respect each others voices.  Participants will not cut off others while they are speaking and they will be respectful of time.  It is important that there be a space for everyone's voice to be heard.

7.  Participants are asked to refrain from substance use for a 24 hour period prior to session.  If a participant arrives at a session in an altered state due to substance abuse they will be asked to leave and return the following week. 

The purpose of this website is to provide general information about us and our services only. Everyone has different life experiences that have brought him/her to this page.  We are not crisis counsellors or therapists.  If you are in crisis please contact a qualified medical professional to assist you. If you need a list of support resources, please go to our Information page.